We are the biggest plastic yarn carrier company in the world with more than 1500 products and has been supplying to more than 20 countries. Our company is located in Central Turkey.

In our company’s portfolio; perforated bobbins, unbalanced ring bobbins, roving bobbins and various special production varieties are among the most advanced mold and plastic technologies in the worldwide.

These products are produced under the name of TEKNOPLAST brand in the production facility in Çatalca, Istanbul,TURKEY. We offer all around the world about 200,000 pieces every day which we are leaders in plastic tube products (roving bobbins, ring bobbins, perforated bobbins, cones and Cylindirical bobbins).

Website: www.akbas.com

TOSIN Card Clothing 

A leading manufacturer of Card Clothing from ITALY, take pride in our long history and vast experience in producing metallic wires, tops and accessories for 40″ and 60″ cards. We are the Professional manufacturer of all type of Card clothing for  short staple, Long staple, Nonwoven carding machines.

Website: www.tosincard.it

Shanghai Tianfu Industrial Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer of  Murata 21C、Qpro & Savio Orion, Polar M- complete range of spare parts in our factory. We could provide all kinds of Belt items and also provide mechanical parts and electronical parts repair.

We invented automatic winder vehicle  is called Autocone Trolley instead of walk (patents and inventions) and has been supplying to china and exports markets as well. We began researching Artificial Intelligence Yarn Loader Robot in 2018 and near to start exporting this technology soon and  In 2020, our company was rated as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise and Specialized New Enterprise.

We will continue to explore and innovate, develop high-tech industrial equipment, help the development of the textile industry, and wholeheartedly provide one-stop solutions and services for the realization of unmanned textile factories in the textile industry.

Website: www.shriyao.com

The SANMIT Card Clothing India Pvt. Ltd.
a fully automatic plant in Coimbatore / India.
Since its foundation, the line of business has been the manufacturing and distribution of the following card clothing products for all models of carding machines available in the global market.
All type of Stationary Flat Tops.
All type of C-System (Quality improvement kit): Under casing, SFL, SFD,  Brush Pulley Conversion Kit, Carding Plates, Steel Mote Knives etc.
All type of Combing Segments: Pre Opening Combing Segments
All type of Pinned Beater Segments : RSK Pinned Beater, ERM Pinned Beater etc.

The SUKI Texparts Pvt Ltd.
a fully equipped with CNC and automatic high quality manufacturing machineries in Coimbatore / India. SUKI is manufacture the OEM Quality of the following Top Rollers :
All type of Draw Frame Top Rollers
All type of Comber Detaching and Comber Draw Box
All type of Lap Former
All type of Ring Spinning, Speed Frame and Susan Compact Top Rollers.

Website: www.sanmitcard.com, www.sukitoprollers.com

Wuxi d&t is located in wuxi city,which is a center of making textile machinery and parts in china.

Wuxi d&t as a fellow subsidiary of d&t (hongkong) international industry ltd. Is a professional enterprise specialized in textile machinery and spare parts.

With the support from the headquarters, it has succeeded in developing a series of textile machinery, such as blow room, carding machine, drawing machine, simplex frame, ring frame, cone winder, yarn steamer, dyeing and finishing machine, compact spinning ,textile instrument , spare parts  ,and led etc.at the same time, our spare parts of tex time machine also were developed very fast. we have supplied our products and service to Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and Spain.

Website: www.wuxidnt.com

Jingtian is a  Professional manufacturer of spinning machine, weaving machine and textile machinery special parts, certified with ISO9001, one-stop service for you.

Jingtian group Founded in 1991, it is a key backbone production enterprise in China’s textile machinery manufacturing industry. Jingtian has rich experience in independent development and production of textile machinery products. It has a first-class R & D center and scientific and technological development team. Jingtian is an enterprise that has passed ISO9001 quality system certification earlier in the industry.

We manufacture –Blowroom, Carding, Drawing, Simplex, Ring Frame Machine, Rotor Spinning Machine, Doubling Twisting machine etc.

Also we produce spare parts i.e

  • Our mainly textile machinery spare parts which includes

Rubber cots.  rubber  Aprons, Ring Cup, Spindle, Mesh Aprons, Compact Spinning, cradle, bobbin and other accessories, Sliver Cans etc.

Website: www.textilemachinerychina.com

For nearly a century since its foundation in 1918, Yamauchi has been contributing to society as a company that specializes in the manufacture of industrial rubber and plastic products. Today, Yamauchi supplies high-quality industrial parts to manufacturers of various products in diverse fields, such as audio and visual products, copy machines, printers, disk drives, papermaking machines and textile machines. In recent years, the company has begun developing a number of products that may well become global standards. To respond to a wide range of needs of manufacturers around the world, Yamauchi conducts dynamic business activities in collaboration with other Yamauchi Group Companies.

Website: www.yamauchi-rubber.com